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Eyebrow shaping $15.00
Lip $10.00
Chin $10.00
Underarm $18.00
Half Leg $25.00
Full Leg $45.00
Chest $30.00
Half Arm $20.00
Full Arm $35.00


Panty line $20.00
Runway $25.00
Brazilian $40.00
Tummy $10.00


Small $20.00
Upper $25.00
Whole Back $40.00
Male Chest $30.00
Male Brazillion $75.00
Sideburns $35.00
Lower face $35.00


All manicures include hand massage
Deluxe Manicure
45 minutes
Without Polish $18.00
Male Manicure $18.00
French Manicure $30.00
Paraffin add-on $10.00
Superior Manicure
60 minutes
Hand treatment and Paraffin
Polish Change $10.00


All pedicures include exfoliating and foot massage
Deluxe Pedicure
60 minutes
Superior Pedicure
Includes exfoliating and Paraffin
75 minutes
Deluxe Manicure and Pedicure Special $60.00


Eyelash tinting $15.00
Eyebrow tinting $15.00
Eyelash and eyebrow tinting $25.00


Registered Massage Therapist
90 mins - $120.00
60 mins - $85.00
45 mins - $70.00
30 mins - $55.00

Hand Massage
20 Minutes

Massage Enhancements add aromatherapy oil

Relax Lavender $10.00
Renew - lemongrass $10.00

Hot Stone Massage
60 mins - $95.00

Pregnancy or Aromatherapy Massage Also Available.

Couples Massages Available Upon Request.


Moor Mud Body Wrap
60 minutes
Remineralize and detox your body with moor mud! You are wrapped in Mylar sheet and a heated blanket. Finish your treatment with a warm shower and an application of hydrating lotions.
This very therapeutic treatment will leave your cells detoxified and refreshed.
Back Cleansing Facial
60 minutes
Treat your back to the same luxury as your face. This deep cleansing treatment is customized for your back complexion.
It will leave your back clean and hydrated
Perfect Body Polish
60 minutes
Indulge in a head to toe treatment through gentle exfoliation sloughing off any impurities, residues and dead skin cells.
The results will leave you with skin that is youthful, fresh, smooth and supple.

Specialty Facials

The Ultimate Face Lifting with Collagen Boosters is a revolutionary facial contouring treatment to improve the skin's tone and elasticity. This firming facial gives your complexion a plumper and more youthful appearance without invasive procedures and injections. It also helps to effectively lift lines from the inside out, making a visible difference after just one treatment.
Treatment time: 90 minutes
Price: $150.00 + HST
** Buy 5 and get 1 FREE
** Buy 7 and get 2 FREE

The Energizing Oxygen Facial is an effervescent and stimulating treatment for the tired and sluggish complexion. As encapsulated pure oxygen is released into the cells where needed, a special massage helps to eliminate toxins and energize the skin — enabling it to breathe again. Stress and fatigue will vanish while a fresh, vitalized and radiant appearance is restored.
Treatment time: 75 minutes
Price: $110.00 + HST

The Complex C Facial is a specially developed system in which vitamins are used to treat tired and stressed skin. Vitamin C works to promote the production of Collagen, Vitamin A regulates the epidermis and regenerates the skin, and Vitamin E protects against free radicals. This intensive vitamin cocktail — equipped with its own time delivery system — ensures optimal results, leaving the skin with a long lasting, smooth and healthy appearance.
Treatment Time: 60 minutes
Price: $95.00 + HST

The Pure Facial is a systemic and highly effective treatment which counteracts bacteria, soothes the skin, promotes healing and refines the skin textures. This treatment benefits any stage of oily blemished and acne skin.
Treatment time: 60 minutes
Price: $75.00 + HST

Babor Facials European Facials

The European facial is designed by skin type and skin condition. This facial strengthens, protects and softens the skin.
Treatment time: 60 minutes
Price: $85.00 + HST

The Perfect Combination Facial is highly effective in reducing oil production and balancing the natural activity of the skin. The appearance of large pores will be reduced, and the face will have a firm, supple appearance without visible shine.

The Calming Sensitive Facial is appropriate for skin types ranging from sensitive to extremely sensitive. This facial strengthens, protects and softens the skin using products without preservative, parabens, or fragrances. The client's skin will feel relieved and calmed wile soothing irritations and reducing inflammations.

The Vita Balance Facial is formulated for dry skin and work to revitalize and soften the complexion, thoroughly hydrating with double intensity. Powered with the innovated Deep Moist Complex, the skin becomes radiant and supple. Moisture balance is achieved, giving the skin a dewy appearance. Additionally, the lipid supply is restored, replenishing the natural oil moisture level.

The Advanced Biogen Facial is for any skin type in need for regeneration and protection from premature aging. This healing facial is especially good for someone who has suffered sunburn, trauma to the skin, or plans to undergo the pre-and post-operative laser surgery process. Those recovering from an illness, where the skin appears pale or "off-colour" and sometimes sallow, will benefit greatly from the cell regenerative treatment.

Add-On a Firming Algae Eye Treatment designed for the vulnerable eye area. This cooling, soothing treatment will strengthen the skin providing a firmer and more supple skin tone; while reducing puffiness and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. Experience a dramatic difference in the eye contour area, while tired looking eyes are gone, leaving you with the feeling of a good night's rest.
Price: $20.00 + HST

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